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We are constantly improving the recruiting process to provide our clients with solutions that answer their needs using cutting-edge tools. We value the trust that both candidates and Clients put in us. That is why all of our activities are founded on thorough insights into their requirements, needs and expectations.

We are determined to constantly improve the knowledge and professionalism of our consultants. We provide them with the most efficient tools in order to enable them to accurately gauge candidate skills and competencies. Candidates are meticulously screened in accordance with the candidate profiles provided which means that the applicants who we recommend to our clients will likely stay with their companies for the long term and prove to be a valuable asset.  

What makes our recruiting methods special?

  • 10 specialized recruitment divisions,
  • deep knowledge of the labour market and current trends,
  • expert knowledge,
  • broad candidate database (we maintain long-term relationships with candidates),
  • bespoke solutions taking into consideration: job tier, recruiting priority, scale and scope,
  • innovative tools to support recruitment.

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Zsolt Buzgó photo
Zsolt Buzgó Country Manager

Zsolt Buzgó holds a degree in English history from the Eötvös Loránd University. After working as a teacher for a couple of years, he soon found himself in the HR services sector, organizing trainings and conferences. He worked in domestic and international training programs for more than 10 years, mostly in sales and business development positions, before he became interested in another segment of HR, recruitment. He worked as a Senior Customer Relationship Manager in the acquisition, implementation, and further development of temporary employment and outsourcing projects. Since December 2021, he has been working at Enloyd with his colleagues to maximize both the candidate and customer experience. He is a passionate fan of sports, positive human communities, work, and fun.