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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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Noémi Piroska Country Manager, Head of Sales

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is an advanced form of cooperation where we handle the process of reaching and hiring employees for you.  

RPO is a perfect solution for companies with increased hiring needs caused by high employee turnover, rapid growth, setting up operations in a new country or optimising their competence base. Having an external partner handle recruiting tasks gives the client easy access to a broad candidate database, ensures that the process will run swiftly and cost overruns will be avoided.

The expert knowledge and experience of our consultants allow us to offer three types of RPO services.

Project RPO is a solution aimed at companies who wish to hire large numbers of specialist middle- and senior-level employees. Such projects are conducted by consultants specialising in a given discipline.   Project ROP is ideally suited for rapidly growing companies, e.g. when forming new departments, as it satisfies increased recruiting demand within a short timeframe.

Programme RPO is a long-term form of cooperation which involves recruiting employees in a single industry. Our consultants provide assistance to the client's internal HR departments when recruiting candidates for roles with very high employee turnover.

Comprehensive RPO results in Enloyd taking over all of your company's recruiting tasks, both in times of increased recruiting needs and when planning the company's future growth. We provide consultancy on key skills that will be needed and the profiles of the required candi

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Noémi Piroska photo
Noémi Piroska Country Manager, Head of Sales

Noémi Piroska gained several years of operational management experience in the SME sector, during which recruitment, team building and optimization of HR processes were an integral part of her work.
She feels lucky that Business Development has always played an important role in both the SME and multinational sectors, so she has been able to achieve many successful collaborations over the past 10 years. Since 2017, she has been strengthening the Enloyd team in the field of Business Development, and from November 2020, she is the Country Manager at our company. During her professional career, she has won awards in the “Recognition of Empowerment” and “Board’s Award” categories.