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The Hungarian labour market is affected by numerous economic and social factors, such as globalisation, digitisation and the ongoing generational transformation. All of those phenomena combine to create completely new challenges that require non-standard approaches. When faced with such daunting conditions, it is necessary to closely observe the market and plan your activities based on accurate knowledge. Market Research allows us to not only discover new solutions but also introduce new HR trends.

Salary report

Salary research provides us with comprehensive data on remunerations in selected industries, positions and segments of the market. We plan and execute each project in accordance with client preferences.

Enloyd salary reports are distinguished by

  •  unique methodology allowing to precisely define the sample,
  • engagement of experts specialising in specific industries or disciplines.

How will you benefit?

  • gain familiarity with current market trends,
  • gain access to data concerning the most recent salary standards,
  • have the ability to make informed business decisions based on said data.

How are we doing our researches?


  • First, we assess the needs of our partners
  • After assessing the individual needs, we plan to conduct the research
  • As a third step, we set up a strategy based on which we conduct our research
  • The research will only be carried out after careful planning of the previous points
  • We evaluate the obtained research results
  • Finally we summarize the results form the survey and present them to our client

You can visit our latest salary report here

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Zsolt Buzgó Country Manager

Zsolt Buzgó holds a degree in English history from the Eötvös Loránd University. After working as a teacher for a couple of years, he soon found himself in the HR services sector, organizing trainings and conferences. He worked in domestic and international training programs for more than 10 years, mostly in sales and business development positions, before he became interested in another segment of HR, recruitment. He worked as a Senior Customer Relationship Manager in the acquisition, implementation, and further development of temporary employment and outsourcing projects. Since December 2021, he has been working at Enloyd with his colleagues to maximize both the candidate and customer experience. He is a passionate fan of sports, positive human communities, work, and fun.