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About Enloyd

Enloyd’s parent company, Antal, was among the first to introduce the matrix-like operating model in the recruitment market. This means that our consultants specialize in specialities and industries. Thanks to our specialization in targeted areas, Enloyd’s consultants not only have an in-depth knowledge of their clients ’needs but also know how many and what expectations there are potential candidates in a given market and what trends are currently characterizing the industry. Thorough knowledge of specific jobs allows Enloyd’s advisors to pinpoint exactly what skills and competencies are required to fill a particular position and will only recommend a candidate who truly meets expectations. It is also thanks to our specialization in targeted specialities that our consultants can build an extensive network of contacts through their almost friendly relationships with candidates. Through the network of contacts, they can reach ideal candidates and even convince them in a short time of a possible job change.


Work with us

28 years of experience in CEE 22 years of experience in CEE

7 regional offices in Central Europe 8 regional offices in Central Europe

1500+ employed candidates every year 115 employed candidates every year

10 specialized
recruitment divisions 10 specialized
recruitment divisions

Company history


Establishment of specialized recruitment divisions


Creation of the Antal IT Services division and extending the activities by outsourcing and IT contracting


Opening of regional offices in Krakow and Wroclaw


Launch of the Antal HR Consulting division and extension of the scope of Customer support with HR consulting


Expansion of the structure by the Antal SSC/BPO division


Portfolio expansion to include Employer Branding and recruitment marketing


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