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Salary Benchmark

An attractive salary is one of the most important aspects that determine the market success of businesses. Well-paid employees are more committed, and candidates also take salaries into account when deciding on a job offer. A company that is one step ahead of the market and modifies corporate standards accordingly can gain a significant competitive advantage.

A salary benchmark reveals how conditions a company offers compare to its competitors and helps to uncover the problems that negatively affect the employees of the staff motivation and commitment. A remuneration system adapted to the economic environment must be seen as an investment in human capital - no company can become an innovative market leader without this innovation.

Here are some of the important benefits our salary survey offers:

  • By making better use of tax and legal environment, salaries can be increased at no extra cost.
  • Better use of salary funds: with appropriate allocation to reduce the risk of redundancies and thus ensure the achievement of business objectives.
  • It ensures that the solutions used are safe and do not lead to tax office or labor inspections.
  • It results in a comprehensive remuneration policy by promoting the use of alternative remuneration solutions and the incorporation of a basic remuneration structure into the organization's remuneration system and HR policy. 

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