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Onboarding during Covid 19

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Onboarding during Covid 19

Story Story

In mid-March, most of our clients developed thehome office system in a matter of days and made it possible for employees towork online in a situation caused by COVID-19. Not only did they need to modifytheir day-to-day operations, but also their recruitment and selectionprocesses. Our software developer and other IT clients were able to respondquickly and effectively to change, while others were less able. It was adifficulty for our client in the financial field that in the past allcandidates, all rounds took place in person and the candidates were met inperson not only by the professional manager and HR manager but also by the CEObefore the final decision to issue the offer was made.

Goal and challenge Goal and challenge

In this difficult situation, our Client turned tous to help them with some ideas on how they could continue their recruitmentselection. It was important for them to be able to provide efficient and fast,simple and convenient solutions for the candidates as well. They were asked todo market research and suggest solutions to them.

Action plan Action plan

At the beginning of the assistance, we outlined to our Client the schedule for brainstorming and the points in relation to which we will propose an alternative. Our goal was to come up with applicable and concrete proposals for them, through which the organization as a whole can achieve effective recruitment selection even in the situation caused by COVID-19.

Process Process

Our most important task was to prepare relevant data thatalso meets the uniqueness and specific expectations of our Client. At the endof the survey, we presented our suggestions and the developed solutions, whichour Client was able to apply according to the current situation. We haveproposed a quick-to-implement and easy-to-use online communication platformthat can be used not only for internal communication but also for conductingvideo interviews with multiple participants. We drew their attention to thefact that they can assess the soft skills of the candidates and that certainchemistry, also online, by discussing situational tasks or professional casestudies together, in collaboration with their direct colleagues. Bidding andacceptance, negotiation of contract points can be solved by email, and signingcan also be eliminated by digital signature or printing and scanning in thecurrent situation. It was a problem for our Client how the equipment of thefuture employee, in this case his laptop and mobile phone, would be handedover. Enloyd has assessed what parcel delivery services are available and hasproposed a cost-effective solution. After that, the onboarding process canstart on the common communication platform with the support of helpfulcolleagues.

Effects Effects

We proposed to implement the outlined solutions in a short period of time, up to one or two days. It included elements that also cover the processes of interviewing, admission, and onboarding, and they allow for a smooth continuation and solution of staff growth.

Uniqueness Uniqueness

Our Client was able to implement the ideasreceived from us in two days. Along these lines, they also successfully have afinal interview, an offer, and an entry. The new colleague got his work toolsand his onboarding started. With our suggestions, they were able to close aselection and start an entry. By implementing the solutions we propose, theycan continue to maintain the planned growth rate and the company’s set businessgoals.


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