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Employer Branding Case Study

Case Studies

Employer Branding Case Study

Story Story

Our partner in the field of banking has reached out to us to do a case study for them about employer branding. Despite the company’s outstanding brand, they were facing recruitment struggles.

Goal and challenge Goal and challenge

In this difficult situation, our client has approached us to find out how the company’s brand is perceived to be amongst the potential candidates according to the market information, what kind of employer they are considered to be, and if the candidates have experience, what they think about the recruitment processes.

Action plan Action plan

At the beginning of our assistance, we assessed our client’s difficulties and exact needs. Following that, we developed and described our research methodology in detail, with our survey’s tools and steps. In the course of the research, we asked for the opinions of more than 3000 relevant employees on the following questions:

  •  What do they think about the company and their career opportunties?
  •            How happy are they working or would they work for this company in particular?
  •        How often and on what platforms do they come across their job advertisement, what is their opinion about them?
  •           Are they or have they been involved in the selection process before?
  •           Based on certain criteria, how do they find our partner compared to the competitors?


Process Process

After the clarification of the customer needs and the elaboration of the individual research strategy and methodology, the data collection started. Data were collected nationwide from employees working in three specialties with at least intermediate English skills. Our data collection tools have been on a wide range. The entire data collection process took more than 2 months.

Effects Effects

The positive effects of the research have already been observed during data collection. We talked to several employees who were thinking about changing jobs, but did not know that our Partner had more open positions relevant to them, so Enloyd successfully directed more potential employees to the company’s career site. During the interwievs, some employees formed a negative opinion about our partner based on rumours, which was modified by consulting with us and the exact data, thus improving the company’s perception of the labour market. We are now waiting for the main effects after our client has revised its branding, marketing and recruitment strategy after the presentation of our data and already has taken several corrective measures.

Uniqueness Uniqueness

The main feature and advantage of all our research is its uniqueness. By defining a research methodology tailored to individual needs and maintaining constant contact with our customers, we can provide a product that, as the present case shows, can optimize the marketing, employer branding and recruitment strategy of a company. Our client felt and experienced that it had difficulties, but could not identify them precisely until we learned about our research results, so the company could not take any corrective measures. In the current dynamically changing labour market, a company can gain an advantage over its competitors if it is aware of its values and can represent them properly. Enloyd can help you with such struggles by providing a company tailored Employer Branding research.

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