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The Enloyd Multi-Recruitment division is responsible for volume recruitment projects. A team of experienced consultants supports companies facing the challenge of acquiring a large group of employees for the same or different profiles of specialist positions. The service is dedicated mainly to companies in which there is a need to employ from a dozen or so to several hundred employees during the year. As part of the division, there are processes for entry level positions, specialist and managerial positions for companies with a different business profile – from the FMCG or retail sector, through production, automotive, to education and customer service centres. Thanks to substantive knowledge and experience, the consultants of the Enloyd Multi-Recruitment division provide clients with the best quality solutions as part of multistage and extensive recruitment processes

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Ágnes Bogártelki photo
Ágnes Bogártelki Country Manager, Head of Recruitment

Ágnes Bogártelki holds a business degree from BKF and a Sourcing Ninja Black Belt certificate. She has 10+ years of experience in IT and engineering recruitment, having worked for the largest executive search companies for years. She specializes in IT and engineering recruitment in addition to recruitment strategy creation, executive and strategic recruitment. In addition, she has several years of experience in the pharmaceutical and sales industry. She has been part of the Enloyd team since 2016: she has first worked as an IT Team Leader, and since 2020 she is the Country Manager of Enloyd.