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There have been unprecedented wage changes in the past year, and the trend is expected to continue. Employee expectations have been shaped by inflation, interest rate hikes and the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, so wage growth expectations can reach up to 30% of the previous level.


The Enloyd Salary Guide 2023 serves as an essential reference point for companies that want to navigate the current market reality and create a compelling employer brand both internally and externally.


On the pages of our report, we provide comprehensive information on the results of our research in the IT and corporate sectors, ELO, automotive and construction, sales, marketing, HR, SSC, and financial sectors, as well as information on fringe benefits.


  • Page 5 - Foreword
  • Page 9 - General Overview and Labor Market Trends
  • Page 12 - Non-wage Benefits
  • Page 16 - IT Salary Trends
  • Page 22 - Finance
  • Page 26 - Sales, Marketing and HR
  • Page 32 - Construction
  • Page 36 - Service Centers
  • Page 40 - Engineering, Logistics and Operations