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In recent years, the rapid development of digitalization and technologies has defined the field of recruitment as well. Companies now have numerous new oportunities to optimize their recruitment and selection processes and increase their efficiency. However, recruitment challenges still persists, and companies need to find new solutions to find and retain the right workforce.

In this context, surveys such as Recruitment Trends are particularly valuable, as they allow HR managers and decision-makers to gain insight into the latest trends and challenges in recruitment. Through the opinions and experiences of more than 150 decision-makers participating in the survey, Recruitment Trends can be an important source for improving recruitment processes and finding valuable employees.

Read the survey, where we provide detailed information on the recruitment of professionals and managers, the future of virtual reality and the use of RPO services, among other things.


  • page 4 – Introduction
  • page 8 – Recruiting Specialists and Managers
  • page 14 – Virtual Reality
  • page 18 – Executive Search
  • page 22 – Contracting
  • page 26 – Crowdstaffing

  • page 30 – Recruitment Process Outsourcing