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Overall, the changes since the outbreak of the pandemic are likely to stay with us for the long term. After two years of difficulties and loss, this year companies need now to focus on how they can turn the experience of the last extraordinary period to their own advantage.

We are hopeful that our Salary Guide 2022 report will be of real help to businesses looking to rebuild themselves and those to stabilize their position or maintain their leadership.

On our report's pages, we provide comprehensive information on the results of our research in the IT and corporate fields in the ELO, automotive and construction, sales, marketing, HR, SSC and financial sectors.


  • Page 4 - Introduction
  • Page 8 - Introduction and Labor Market Trends
  • Page 12 - Trends in the IT sector
  • Page 18 - SSC/BSC trends
  • Page 22 - Sales, Marketing and HR trends
  • Page 28 - Finance
  • Page 32 - Construction
  • Page 36 - Automotive industry
  • Page 40 - ELO
  • Page 45 - About Enloyd