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Since the COVID-19 pandemic had very serious implications not only for everyday life but also for the operations of most companies, we conducted research to see how they tackled these challenges. 

The spread of the virus caused several Hungarian and foreign plants to limit or reduce their capacity. That said, some things never change: the fight for IT professionals is as fierce as ever. Our partners confirmed that the IT sector continues to see higher demand for professionals than available candidates. More details of our findings can be found in the first part of the report.

The second part summarizes all legal aspects of labour and workforce issues during/after Covid-19 times.


Part One

  • Employers' best practices during COVID 19 times - results of Enloyd Survey

Part Two

Labour law questions

  • medical examination, fire and safety training
  • requirements of a valid employment contract
  • protective requirements
  • paid and unpaid leave
  • notice period
  • home office framework
  • onboarding and offboarding during remote work
  • reducing or withholding salary