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The future of recruitment – meet our crowdstaffing platform, ReX!

 Our main focus in ReX is to create the future of recruitment with others. But we can’t do it without understanding the past and exploring the present. Today’s world of recruitment became simple thanks to sophisticated technology and entrepreneurial mindset. We have also observed that both candidates’ and recruiters’ attitudes have changed.

Just recently one of the recruitment companies loudly announced that they stop requiring cover letters from candidates; surprisingly enough, reactions were very diverse, though it only enforced what really happened a long time ago. Traditional recruitment is still in use, is valid, beautiful and we should admit it’s an art. But it is also expensive and time-consuming for the providers as well as for the beneficiaries of the service. What is really sad though, is the candidate waste. Human mind is the most amazing tool but can’t be forced to store all the candidates at the same time. That is why we introduced CRMs and databases. After years of using them, recruiters came to the conclusion it is not enough. To keep successful recruitment flow going, there must be a certain balance between demand and supply, between the recruiter’s capacity and the clients’ timing. So, we continuously improved our recruitment techniques and technology to be quicker and more effective.