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The first robotics agency was established in Poland

Good news for employers who have trouble finding the right employees: they can now hire robots instead of employees! Robots can perform repetitive and monotonous tasks, and employees can safely focus on more complex and demanding jobs. This is an important step for our parent company in the Polish labour market, where there is a huge labour shortage - 165,000 positions are vacant.

The robotics agency was set up jointly by two experienced companies - the recruitment company Antal and PIRXON SA. The latter is a Polish IT company with fifteen years of experience that develops the technologies of the future, including automation of robotic processes or augmented reality.

Depending on the candidate's position, Antal can then offer its employees real employees and digital employees. PIRXON is responsible for creating these robots - all drawing on the experience of programming more than fifty robots.

How does the Robotics Agency work?

The model is simple: the business that needs an employee notifies its request to the Robotics Agency, where it is assessed whether the selected tasks can be performed using a dedicated algorithm.

If a robot is also able to stand in position, they plan and deploy the workforce for that task. The process takes 7-40 days - all much shorter than a general recruitment process. The robots are rented on a monthly basis and their work is supported by our specialists - explains Bartosz Sobolewski, President of PIRXON SA.

The employer does not cover the costs of programming the robot, does not pay social security and other contributions afterwards, only has to pay a monthly allowance similar to the average employee salary.

A digital employee has several benefits: he or she doesn’t make mistakes, he or she goes on vacation, he or she doesn’t get sick, and he or she works 24 hours a day. Robots that take on repetitive and voluminous processes give employees the opportunity to develop their knowledge in the areas necessary for the company to operate. The robots also reduce the risk of error, but most importantly, they ensure the company can focus on other, more important activities, ”said Artur Skiba, Chairman of the Board of Antal.

What exactly is a robot?

Robots, bots, digital or virtual employees have become increasingly popular in the field of robotic process automation (RPA) solutions. These are software that can perform processes based on data and rules. Robots work like humans - they can perform many repetitive operations that require a computer. They log in to the systems, enter the data in the right places, copy the necessary information, generate reports, send emails, download information from the company’s internal systems and external data sources. They are free to use enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, manage emails, websites, Microsoft Office, and many other applications.

Robots can perform a variety of activities: mail invoices, generate reports, calculate salaries, generate sales quotes and send them to potential customers, handle orders, complaints or refunds, order deliveries, or schedule production orders.

Any process that is repeatable and has not too many exceptions can be robotized, added Bartosz Sobolewski.

Agencja Pracy Robotów was created based on the previous experience of the Antal agency. Based on these, PIRXON SA created a robot called Bonifacy to search for potential candidates. The project was a success and Bonifacy worked very efficiently, shortening the recruitment process by a third.

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