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Employer Branding in Recruitment

Employer Branding must be at the forefront of companies' arsenal if they want to remain successful in expanding and retaining their workforce. Today, in a constantly changing labour market environment, a company can gain a leg up on its competitors if it is aware of its values and can represent and communicate them in an appropriate way. 


When we receive inquiries about an Employer Branding survey, our partners often have recruitment problems. This is when they are confronted for the first time with the strength. This is a common and typical problem that we encountered in several sectors, from IT to finance. As we mentioned earlier, the EVP (employer branding proposition) is the added value that employer can provide to its employees

We often experience with our clients, in the case of brand strategy inquiries, that they have not carefully defined their employer value proposition, do not have a remuneration policy, and do not consciously plan the career path of their employees - Krisztina Bertalan, IT Team Leader

This can result in a loss of competitive advantage in areas such as IT, where perks are often the same across companies.

Assets and the Market

We start the research by getting to know the value offered by our partners, then we continue with the market research of the company's image and candidate experience, so we get a clearer picture of the position of both parties. At this point, we can also recommend the use of specific tools, such as the support of selected media channels on various social platforms or the use of properly positioned job advertisements. Addressing Budapest and rural candidates, job seekers and employed people, as well as professionals from various sectors works effectively with other language and marketing tools.

Enloyd's employees made me realize with their research results how many great opportunities we provide for our employees, which we all know about in-house, but the market had no idea about, so our EB team started its work with this. - explained one of our partners

In order to attract the attention of the market, we have to get to know it. Our service is primarily aimed at this. We target potential employees and ask them about their own image of the comapny. This is when we first encounter negative opinions, which are quickly resolved by a job advertisement relevant to job seekers. 

By the time we reach the phase of raw data collection, we know exactly what we want to learn from the candidates, as well as what more sensitive areas we want to further discover in a larger sample. During the EB survey of one of our partners, for example, we managed to ask more than 3,000 employees and job seekers in quiestonnaire form, so the HR department was able to get an almost exact picture of the brand's shortcomings, which greatly improved the success of their recruitment processes, in our case not only in Hungary, but in the entire EMEA area.

Can we generalize?

Despite the fact that we are talking about an area with constantly renewing and unique needs, our surveys also highlighted several key elements, such as brand awareness and regular appearance, CSR involvement, job advertisements specified for specific professions and the positive experience created by the candidate during the recruitment process.

It is important to point out, that a bad employer brand strategy can result not only from the lack of these elements, but also from the employers's misuse of these strategic elements. - Szilvia Tóth, Finance Team Leader

Based on our experience, a well-composed qualitative survey, supplemented by a well-defined questionnaire, can provide the surest points of support in the planning and the implementation of an employer brand strategy.

Overall, it can be said that it is not possible to generalize, every company faces differentchallenges, which can only be remedied with carefully designed tools and unique solutions.

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