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Enloyd is dedicated to satisfying candidates' needs, both in terms of the offers they receive and the manner in which recruitment processes are conducted. We always ask candidates about their preferred professions and their motivation to change job. We also familiarize them with the prospective employer's organizational culture. Enloyd’s consultants act as the candidate's partner throughout the recruitment process - they represent his or her interests before the prospective employer, provide support and advice.

Candidates who are not actively looking for a new job, but are nevertheless considering a job change, may receive valuable information from Enloyd's expert consultants concerning the current trends and situation within a specific area of the labour market, the competencies demanded by employers, as well as employment opportunities within a given sector.

Below you will find the Enloyd recruitment diagram. If you wish to find out more, please click a relevant field.


New JobWhen you succesfully come through recruitment process and accept job offer, you sign up a contract and start cooperation with Your new employer.
Valuable professional experienceWorking in a new company You enrich your professional experience and develop valuable competences.
The desire for further professional developmentWhen you work in one company for a long time, the intensity of gaining new competences drops. In order to develop yourself professionally you might consider changing a job.
Decision to change jobWhen you decide to change a job, contact Enloyd consultant for information about job adverts and trends on labour market in your sector.
Sending an application to Enloyd Browse our job offers and send in your job application. If none of the currently available job offers fits your criteria, create your Candidate Profile.
A job interview with Enloyd consultant One of Enloyd’s consultants will ask you about your professional experience and your employment preferences. He or she will inform you about the current labour market trends and rate your chances of finding employment in the sector of your choice.
Performing a reference check Upon your agreement, our consultant will perform a reference check with your prior employers.
Recommen- dation to the employer Should you be interested, our consultant will recommend you to the employer. He or she will then call to give you the employer’s decision and arrange a job interview.
Recruitment stages at the employer’s company Depending on the recruitment project, you will be asked to take part in 1,2 or 3 recrutiment stages.
Contact initiated by Enloyd consultantEnloyd consultants look for candidates in an active way so We can contact you in order to inform You about interesting job offer, even if you haven't send Your CV in last months.

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