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Enloyd approaches the needs of employers with great flexibility. In addition to conducting recruitment projects, we also specialize in HR consulting. Our company is made up of narrowly specialized teams. This means that our consultants possess expert knowledge concerning specific areas of the market and, therefore, are able to suggest the perfect candidate and provide assistance in planning the development of specific job positions.

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Advantages of cooperating with Enloyd

  • Enloyd consultants specialize in both sectors and disciplines which makes them experts who are able to reach suitable candidates considerably quicker.
  • A thorough knowledge of individual sectors - often backed up by relevant job experience - makes it possible to verify key competencies and seek out candidates that are an optimal match for a given position profile and the company’s organizational structure.
  • We make an effort to scrutinize the candidates’ motives and recommend only those of them who are conscious about career planning and wish to associate themselves with an employer for a longer period.
  • We treat employers as partners, providing advice on defining job position profiles and selecting candidates, but also assist in planning the development of specific positions and implementing strategic changes within the organization.


We approach the needs of employers in a comprehensive manner. This is made possible by our wide selection of solutions in the areas of employee evaluation and development. The scope of our services allows us to provide effective support in the areas of restructuring and devising career paths, as well as assist mass recruitment processes.


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